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LS MAP Sensor Housing

LS MAP Sensor Housing

Put away your JB Weld, Screws, Toothpicks, Zip Ties, and any of the other garage sorcery that's been used to patch one of these LS1/LS6 MAP sensor housings back together... We all know that it's only fixed "for now"..... Or is it? Finely there's a solution that will get you further then just the next show! Redesigned from the ground up with the hot rodders in mind these brand new housings will really seal the deal. 

FDM printed from high tech Carbon Fiber infused Nylon, they feature:

  • A threaded brass insert and indexed hold down for positive and trouble free sensor retainment.
  • Vacuum ports, and MAP plug that exit on the same side for a cleaner plumbing and wiring install. 
  • Isolated booster port for a cleaner ECM reference signal during braking. 

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