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Billing And Shop Policy

Billing And Shop Policy

Effective as of 1/9/2023.
As our build backlog continues to grow, we are implementing a new billing and build guideline process. These measures are to ensure an efficient workflow, transparent billing process, and to keep our valued customers happy.


Build Estimates

  • Due to the nature of most projects exact estimates are not a possibility.
  • On common builds and swaps (c10 stock chassis, X frame stock chassis) can be estimated fairly accurately, barring any add-ons through the build process or issues with the vehicle or components encountered through the build. 



  • Jobs are billed strictly on a time and material basis.
  • Our mechanical shop labor rate is $100.00 an hour
  • Body shop labor rate $80.00 an hour
  • Aftermarket part pricing varies  
  • Jobs will be billed weekly or biweekly.
  • Invoices are due upon receipt. outstanding invoices older than 7 days from receipt will stop progress on your build until paid in full.


Build Process 

  • New projects will have pictures taken when the vehicle arrives, and each job will have a build photo folder attached to your invoice for start to finish build photos.
  • After initial consultation and a build plan is established, any additional large add-ons will push the job back in the queue.
  • On larger projects, an initial invoice will be sent, and parts ordered to allow us to have everything in stock and ready to efficiently move through the project.
  • Completion dates and deadlines in most cases are not set in stone, due to parts availability, defective parts, workload, and to allow us time to fully shake down each build. 
  • We take immense pride in our work and need time to test drive and shake down each build.
  • On full builds a minimum of 150 miles must be completed before the job is complete. 

Take Off Parts

  • All parts that are being removed and not used in your build must be picked up within 14 days of being notified. Parts stored after this period will be sold or disposed of. 
  • There are consignment options available for drivetrain and powertrain components.


Shop Policies

  • We appreciate all our loyal customers and our street machinery family, however we will not be allowing walk-ins, and all customer visits must be scheduled in advance.
  • We understand the excitement of taking your pride and joy and transforming it to the next level, but to ensure we can move through our build backlog, complete builds efficiently, and keep our customers safe from hazards in the shop we must ask that all customers schedule appointments to check out their builds. 
  • To keep you safe, keep our team moving, and most importantly get your cars finished we must keep visits to a minimum.
Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to messages and email inquiries.