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67-72 RTX C-10 Panel Mount Kit

67-72 RTX C-10 Panel Mount Kit

We all know what a huge pain in the arse wiring can be. Even more so when your on your back crammed under a dash, your Vintage Air has you in a headlock, and there's 50 Years of poorly cut zip ties between you and that perfect spot for your Dakota Digital gear....... Cougar fight anyone?

Our Dakota Digital Panel mount kits put an end to all that. Designed specifically for the 67-72 Dakota Digital RTX kit, they offer an integrated mounting solution engineered by the pros that install them. Packed with key featured that allow you to do the hard work on the bench, not on your back.  

       Features like: 

  • Built in Display and Clock Cable management with embossed routing diagram.
  • Press fit Warning Buzzer mount and cable management.
  • Ready to use Control Module and BIM Module mounting locations for up to 3 BIM modules.
  • Integrated Zip Tie Slots for perfect low profile wire routing.

Pair with one of our Terminal kits for a next level professional installation. 

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