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The Patina Plantation



Building and customizing classic cars and servicing the Cleveland, Ohio area now for over 20 years


molded by a love for the cars and the lifestyle


seaching for color in a black and white world


expanding minds through the world of customized classics.


Air Ride Suspensions

We specialize in installing air ride suspensions, and in fact, just about half of all our time in-shop consists of doing just that. We offer kits for sale here on our website from some of our favorite manufacturers including RideTech© and Air Lift©

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Disc Brake Conversions

We've been doing disc brake conversions since our early days in the business and we do a pretty damn good job of it. We offer brake packages from some of our favorite manufacturers including Wilwood© that are available to be purchased here online

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LS Series Engine Swaps

Always wanted to drive a car with an LS in it? We've got a back lot full of old classics with plenty of patina waiting to be picked and have an LS dropped in. We're open from 8am-5pm monday-friday and walk ins are welcome. Come and take a look at the plantation for yourself and maybe you can be the next one responsible for seeing one of these old classics back to its original beauty or even more beautiful still with your own custom options

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Full Restorations and Repair Service

We've come a long way with the shop since we started in the early 90's and we stay pretty busy, booked up, and at capacity to say the least. We do however, stay committed to serving the greater Cleveland, Ohio area and beyond with automotive services and repairs at the highest level. Please contact us during normal business hours M-F to see how we may be able to help tackle or take on your next project.

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What's New And Exciting In Street Machinery's World?


Street Machinery Is Awarded the Small Business Of The Year


Custom 66' C10 Built Here Featured In Awol.Tv Video


Recognized By Local Newspaper As "Gaining National Reputation"


After over twenty years of all the rides that have been through the shop, We've seen, built, and worked on just about everything. We've put some photo galleries together with nice full-screen shots to try and highlight some of our favorites, and what we currently have for sale.

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